27 October 2009

The Symphony of Science

Well, it's been a while, but I haven't gone away. These two pieces of remix work by John Boswell, who has a home page here, is something special. It echoes and greatly amplifies some materials I have linked from the opening of the Cosmos series (lower right column), but Boswell has added music in a very pleasing way, at least to me. And millions of others agree, as these short music videos are wildly popular on YouTube. In any case, it is really wonderful to see such creativity invested in Cosmos, and also the really great segments added in from Richard Feynman's interviews, from Bill Nye's material, and from Neil Tyson's work. I hope you enjoy these if you stumble in here, and let's hope that these materials create a big wake in the universe, of people who have been "turned on" to science and it's spiritual side.